Original Design Manufacturing

The OBM factory takes care of the entire production procedures, from design, engineer, manufacture, supply chain to marketing. OBM fully owns the brand and products.


Original Equipment Manufacturing

The ODM factory has the capability of designing the products. The importer will select the already-existed product design, use their brand name to sell the products by labeling the products or use specific package to makes the products could be recognized as their brand products.


Original Brand Manufacturing

An original brand manufacturer, or OBM, is typically a company that sells an entire product made by a second company or including a component from a second company sources as its own branded product. Selling the product of the second company under its own brand just adds a virtual extrinsic value to the product.


Joint Design Manufacturers

It can be considered as a variation or even as an extension to ODM. The company outsources a product from a manufacturing entity, works in close cooperation across all aspects of design and manufacturing. The teams from both sides work together as one on tackling obstacles, design revisions and testing implementation.