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GORILLA is the industry-leader and wholesale distributor of black disposable gloves. With an impactful presence across North and South America, Asia, and Europe along with a production capacity of millions of gloves annually, we understand the essential components of high-quality products, exceptional service, competitive prices, and efficient manufacturing to support our customers worldwide.

Since 2000, GORILLA has built a culture revolving around the passion for constant improvement, unmatched quality, and a spirit of innovation. We believe that great individuals, collectively, make GORILLA what it is today. Through our experienced team, outstanding partners, and loyal supporters, our company has grown to extraordinary heights, developing some of the most reliable, versatile, and superior quality products that deliver remarkable results.

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Since 1999, our team has proudly served the tattoo community, its artists and enthusiasts with top of the line tattoo aftercare and in-process products. For over 20 years, we have expanded our line to include our Original 1oz. Soothing Balm and 8 oz. Deluxe Balm for tattoo and skin care fanatics. We have also recreated our own version of stencil transferring products, including our TATWAX Stencil Gel and Stencil Cleaner. Most importantly, we wanted to stay true to our roots; and being located in California, it was only right to have all our TATWAX products be manufactured with all-natural ingredients right here in the USA. 

TATWAX has been the tattoo aftercare of choice for thousands of famous Tattoo Professionals, their trusted clients, and tattoo enthusiasts around the world. With a winning combination of quality products and an experienced hard-working staff dedicated on working for you and your invested art, it is easy to see why we're the go to premium tattoo aftercare provider! 

Our goal here is simple: to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your valuable body art is healed and protected properly. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our products are solely manufactured and distributed through our own supply chain. From every single ingredient picked for our soothing balm to ever design element of our film and stencil products, we make sure every detail is precisely what the customer wants. With the ability to manage all parts of the supply chain, we're able to not only provide the best of the best quality products to you but also at an exceptional price that just can’t be beat! 

Trusted quality since 1999. Proudly Made in the USA!

Thank you for choosing TATWAX. We look forward to supplying you with all your tattoo aftercare & in-process needs!

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Elevate your game with a serious powerhouse player. For nearly two decades, Legend Rotary has forged a reputation for unmatched quality. Backed by years of experience and driven by a hunger for innovation, we're passionate about creating the most efficient and effective tools possible for our artists.

Legend Rotary is a company owned and operated by tattoo artists. Our main goal has always been to provide exceptionally fine tattoo machines, high-quality needles, and durable disposable tubes to our customers around the world. Since 2002, Legend Rotary has made sure to put quality above all else, focusing on every detail instead of cutting corners.

We take pride in what we do by putting an insane amount of passion and effort in providing outstanding products and superior customer service. Our tattoo machines are constructed using first-class materials, sourced from around the world at leading factories. From high grade aircraft aluminum to top-rated Japanese motors, our one of a kind Legend Rotary machines are designed and built to handle the daily pressure and workload of any artist. We stand by our mission of not only providing innovative, versatile machines but also a variety of other products that you can depend on to do what you do best.

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Wabbo Company

The Wabbo Company specializes in the wholesale of high quality Tattoo, Spa and Massage Tables, Chairs. Stools and Others. Our company works within the standards of the FDA, ISO9001, CE and the GMP, which are consistent with country security requirements. We vow to bring you affordable prices that are especially suited for your specific company needs.

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Taski Skateboard.
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